Holiday planning is very fascinating. From selecting your perfect vacation spots, to arranging what bars and restaurants you wish to experience, there’s always a lot of planning to undertake. Then again, there’s a single element that carries a huge impact on your future journey, the cost.

We’ve gathered together a list of the five most expensive holiday spots so that you can love them, or refrain from them depending upon your travel budget.

5. Seychelles

Entering in the # 5 spot is the island destination, The Seychelles. All over our research we have discovered islands that happen to be the most costly spots. Located within the Indian ocean simply southern area of the main island you can find the Island of Frigate.


It is the Island which makes the Seychelles on the 5 top list. The Island is a privately owned resort offering 17 villas constructed from mahogany, African teak wood, marbled flooring as well as jacuzzi. In case your very classy for the ocean, you can have the option to use the infinity pool.

4. Tuscany – Italy

The greatest charm for tourists is Tuscany’s wealthy historical past. Lots of the hotels are reconverted historical villas that have been transformed into luxurious suites for wealthy travelers.


Considering that most of Tuscany remains to be very rural, the spot is stunning and famous for its wineries, however the accommodations could be a little bit difficult; a few of the buildings are simply old barns which have been transformed, and they still cost you about $3,000 or $4,000 per week. Include a vehicle rental-you’ll require one to go around, and lots of appealing truffle dishes and you’re experiencing an expensive vacation!

3. Dubai

Everyone knows Dubai is residence of the wealthy, having their luxurious vehicles and luxurious rooms, its not surprising it’s showing up in the 5 top list. Constructed by the rich for the rich funded by oil cash, Dubai is actually a recreation space for Ballers and Billionaires. Coming from the Burj to artificial islands if you’ve got cash, it is the spot to invest it. In case you don’t you will need to avoid.


As a matter of fact, the majority of Dubai’s financial system is focused on money or obvious consumption. Even though the city offers panoramic shoreline as well as a desert oasis, there’s little to do apart from spending cash around huge shopping malls or in costly trips, like day-trips on private yachts or hiring a helicopter.

2. Musha Cay

Musha Cay located in the “Out islands” of the Bahama islands enters in the # 2 spot. It’s renowned for its costly taste, frequently holding the famous and rich.


Musha Cay is among the 11 islands around Copperfield Bay. It is really an all or nothing circumstance needing the entire island to be leased at nearly $40,000 per night, it’s just not for the budget tourist. All not so bad though since you get to take to as much as 11 friends at absolutely no additional cost and all of meals and fun-filled activities are part of the huge $40,000 per night. All these adventures include things like deep-sea scuba diving as well as your personal fireworks display. Not really bad in general.

1. Oslo

Norway’s main city is filled with rich Scandinavian historical background and you pay to discover it on the cost. Rows upon rows of colourful homes as well as the closeness of panoramic mountain scenery and also the well-known fjords can simply take your breath away. Just like its other Scandinavian alternatives, Oslo is generally tidy and safe, and many of people talks almost fluent English, that make it easier for the new visitor to go around.


Norway is recognized as Northern Europes most costly tourist spot. Having around 20% greater than any other Western European nation and 70% more costly compared to the World averages.