Whether we are talking about hotels or neighbourhoods, a stylish place doesn’t just look good: it gives us an insight into the culture or the people behind it. Each with their own unique merits, these are the places you need to keep in mind when putting together your next overseas itinerary. Although your amazing new wardrobe will speak for itself, when you return home, you’re also sure to have bragging rights around the office.

Here are five travel hot spots to add to your wanderlust list and experience the most stylish travel in your life.



This southern African nation has the perfect mix of adventure (woo, safari!) and relaxation (ahh, ocean). Its colonial-style architecture and buzzing nightlife perfectly contrast its sandy beaches, colorful waters and wildlife-filled savanna, making it the next big honeymoon destination. Spend the day elephant spotting or coral snorkeling before heading into the city for a fresh seafood dinner and jazz at a local bar.



This breathtaking island–dubbed the poor man’s St. Barth’s because of its comparable beauty and more reasonable prices–is the next big Caribbean destination. However, the sunset cruising, beach lounging and dolphin-watching in Guadeloupe are anything but lackluster experiences. Stay at the Hotel Amaudo for a charmingly French-like getaway in the Caribbean, and wind down from a big day of snorkeling in the romantic infinity pool.



The inspiring city of Aarhus is the country’s second biggest after Copenhagen. It’s on the map for its culinary scene, but it also claims an amazing range of architecture and art, from cool and innovative (like the ARoS museum) to traditional Danish (like the Den Gamle By). Soak up the Danish city and culture while staying at the beautiful Villa Provence in the city center. After a visit to Aarhus, you and your Instagram will never be the same.



Chances are you’re already familiar with the Algarve beach region, but the Duoro Valley in northern Portugal should also be on your travel radar. This buzzy wine region is still fairly undiscovered as far as trendy vacations go, so consider yourself a pioneer. For an authentically luxurious Portuguese experience, stay at the Casa de Casal de Loivos, an elegant 17th-century manor house with stunning views and its own vineyard.



This up-and-coming city on Australia’s southern coast is having a cultural surge, thanks to the vibrant music and culinary scenes, festivals, botanical gardens and central market that fill the city with character and charm. It’ll please your inner wine goddess, too, as the Barossa Valley right outside the city is a newly beloved wine region. Stay at the boutique Mayfair Hotel downtown, but know you can daytrip to scenic landscapes at any time.