Europe is home to some of the most prominent and captivating monuments and structures, well preserved cultural heritage, museums, delicious cuisine, and vibrant cities. Here are some of the glamorous places to visit in Europe:

Capri, Italy

glamorous places to visit in europe

Capri is a glamorous island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrentine Peninsula, on the south side of the Gulf of Naples in the Campania region of Italy. This tourist destination for both Italians and foreigners is a fusion of glittering grottoes and coves, Roman ruins and chichi piazzas. The island has twelve churches, seven museums, and several monuments. The most visited attraction in Capri is the Grotta Azzurra which means Blue Grotto. The Blue Grotto is a special cave, discovered in the 19th century by foreign tourists and known to have been a Roman bathing place. Capri’s breathtaking landscapes and beauty stretches from the rocky caves around the island to the edge of the horizon and has been an inspiration to poets, lovers, and travelers throughout the centuries.

Paris, France


Paris, with its unforgettable ambiance, is a city of many splendors. This great city is a blend of past and future. It draws millions of visitors every year with its stately museums, centuries-old churches Neoclassic-design architecture. Paris is among the glamorous places to visit in Europe not only because it is the city of love but also because it is one of the greatest art repositories of the world. Paris prides its iconic museums like the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay; monuments like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe; and churches like the Sacré-Cœur and Notre-Dame Cathedral. Another reason that makes Paris glamorous is the fact that it remains at the forefront of international trends with emerging and established designer boutiques and flagship haute couture houses.

Monaco, French Riviera


Monaco is the second smallest independent state in the world. It is situated on the French Riviera between Cap d’Ail and Menton, just a few kilometers from the Italian Riviera. It is one of the glamorous places to visit in Europe because of fabulous parks and gardens, sumptuous boutiques with the latest fashions, palatial luxury hotels, and very chic restaurants. Monaco is well known around the world because offers a great balance of historical and modern attractions. There are various museums and palaces to visit as well as shopping malls and casinos. Some of the must-visit spots in Monaco include Monaco-Ville, Monte Carlo,  Palais Princier, Monaco Cathedral, Jardin Exotique, and Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium. You can also try your luck in the Grand Casino and gamble alongside the world’s richest and often most famous people.

Zurich, Switzerland


The city of Zurich lies in the heart of Europe and at the center of Switzerland.  Switzerland’s largest and wealthiest metropolis is regularly recognized as one of the world’s most liveable cities and has become one of the glamorous places to visit in Europe. Its multicultural flair, magnificent view of the snowcapped Alps on the horizon and the variety of leisure activities attract guests from all over the world. The city home to over 50 museums and more than 100 art galleries which boast a significant collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and videos. In Zurich, you will find glamorous international fashion labels and Zurich designs.  You can also enjoy the most flamboyant and lively nightlife in Switzerland.

Ibiza, Spain


Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain. This glamorous island has become well known for its association with nightlife and electronic music that originated on the island which attracts large numbers of tourists. The nightlife in Ibiza is centered on two areas, namely, the Ibiza Town which is the island’s capital on the southern shore and Sant Antoni to the West. During the summer, top producers and DJs in dance music come to the island and play at the various clubs, in between touring to other international destinations. But there’s more to this sun-kissed, beach-bejeweled, pine-clad island than nightlife. Large portions of the island are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites so you can also learn the island’s rich history and heritage.