We all love to travel, but not all of us want to backpack around the world. While some people enjoy camping or sleeping in hostels, others prefer to see the world in style, choosing only luxury hotels for their accommodation. Both traveling styles are good, provided that you enjoy yourself. The part that’s different is the research you have to undergo prior to going on a trip.


If you intend to travel to Africa, for instance, and you wish to find out what are the top 5 luxury hotels on this continent, you have to do your research very carefully. Luxury has a different definition in Africa, so five star hotels may not be exactly what American or European citizens expect. If you want to find the best hotels, you can either choose to trust authority travel websites or make a list of the best hotels you can find, with their amenities and services. These hotels should be able to offer you welcome drinks, private dining, spa treatments, gifts and room service, to name only a few of the services that are common to most luxury hotels all over the world.


Whatever your reason for traveling to Africa, you need to check out as many reviews as you can before booking your accommodation. Even the top 5 luxury hotels can have their unhappy clients. By finding out the reasons that have determined these negative reviews, you can gain a better understanding of the situation. For instance, if you love parties and loud music, and you see a negative review written by an old couple who hated the noisy atmosphere in their hotel, you shouldn’t give up the idea of staying in this hotel just yet. On the contrary, if you also love peace and silence, you may want to stay away from this hotel, despite its luxury amenities and services. The main idea is that you should try to see what kind of travelers leave those reviews, so that you can increase your chances to have a great holiday. Of course, you can expect the top 5 luxury hotels in Africa, or everywhere else in the world for that matter, to be able to offer all travelers the comfort and the services they expect to find in a hotel accommodation.


Luxury travel can have multiple facets. If you prefer privacy and style, you may be better off with staying in boutique hotels. These hotels can offer all exquisite services and accessories you can find in international hotel chains, without the crowds and the lack of privacy of these huge facilities. Boutique hotels are rather small, yet very elegant and comfortable. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Africa, without giving up your privacy and your comfort, you should probably choose one of these smaller hotels. They are the best bet of travelers and adventurers who aren’t ready to sleep in a tent in the middle of the desert. Thanks to these accommodation options, they can have the best of both worlds.

Many of the top luxury hotels in Africa are centered around African safari’s. Any luxury hotel worth their salt will have amazing safari guides to show you around and help you experience of the wonderful African bush. One of the best qualifications to look for is whether the guides are FGASA accredited safari guides. FGASA is the Field Guide Association of Southern Africa.